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Looking for a day of Adventure Fishing in Jacksonville, Florida? Then come join me stalking redfish, throwing top water lures for trout, jigging for flounder or whatever else you may want to do in North Florida's backcountry.

Redfish, Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, and Sheepshead can all be targeted throughout the year for Sport fishing or eating.  We encourage catch and release on most of our fish, but, we appreciate having fresh fish for dinner too.  We can customize trips to your liking.  The creeks, estuaries, salt marshes and tributaries of the St. Johns River offer a wide array of angling action.  Bull Reds and Giant Black Drum are some of the biggest fish to catch here and will require some time to land.    Live bait, Artificial, and Fly Fishing is available depending on how you and your party wish to Angle.  The weather and tides play a major role in fishing conditions, call now to schedule the best times while they are still available.

Inshore Saltwater Fishing

Red Drum (Redfish) or ‘Reds’ grow to be quite large and can only be kept inside the smaller slot limits set by the Florida Wildlife Commission.  These fish feed over oyster beds in the shallows and are known to have characteristic spot(s) on their tail and sometimes many more along the sides of their reddish brown scales.  A fierce fighter, it doesn’t take long to realize you’ve hooked one.  Available year round, Reds are the most popular species to target.

Saltwater Speckled Trout, or Sea Trout are another variety of fish that are available year round and can grow to be several feet long.  They have a light to dark gray skin covered body and their backs are covered with many black spots which gives them their name.  Flounder are flat, bottom dwelling fish that develop one side of their body for sitting around in the sand.  They make for great table fare and are generally caught best in late summer.   Sheepshead  have a unique short  triangular shape with black and grey vertical zebra stripes along their sides.  The texture of their filets are similar to lobster and crab.  Have Captain Mike Darveau take you out to catch trophies and memories on the beautiful warm waters of the St. Johns River.  


St. Johns River, Jacksonville, FL

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